DEQ and Governor’s Recycling Council announces Recycle by Design Michigan Challenge placed “on hold”

The Michigan DEQ and the Governor's Recycling Council (GRC) have announced that Recycle by Design Michigan, the team challenge first introduced at the 2015 Governor's Recycling Summit to develop innovative strategies to increase the state's residential recycling rate has been put "on hold." The challenge, which was intended to formally kick off last month, has been one of the key initiatives of Gove. Rick Snyder's plan to double residential recycling in Michigan.

While all parties involved remain committed to the public-private partnership principles of Recycle by Design Michigan, a couple of significant obstacles are making it difficult for DEQ to move the initiative forward at the present time. The needs in Flint have understandably diverted critical funding and human resources not only from the DEQ but from other potential Recycle by Design partners.

In light of the current challenges, the GRC will take some time to explore how this particular program and other options for catalyzing investment in Michigan's resource recovery infrastructure can most effectively be implemented. The Recycle by Design Michigan Challenge aimed to create, in a relatively short period of time, an environment that would generate strong business-driven proposals ready for implementation. Together, these investments would contribute to the systemic change needed to achieve the goal of doubling Michigan's recycling rate. 

The idea for Recycle by Design Michigan was itself born of a public-private partnership between the DEQ, the Michigan Recycling Coalition and the Governor's Recycling Council together with their private-sector partners IMG Rebel and RRS.

About Recycle by Design Michigan

Recycle by Design Michigan is designed to be a yearlong challenge created to incentivize and accelerate local and regional teams, comprised of public-private partnerships, to develop innovative strategies for doubling the recycling rate in Michigan – Governor Snyder's goal set forth in his Residential Recycling Plan. It will identify needs and mobilize new, business driven, locally scalable investments in recycling infrastructure, bolstering local economies and ensuring valuable recaptured commodities find their way into both existing and new end markets. For more information on Recycle by Design, visit