A coalition of manufacturers works together with recycling
processors to grow local processing capacity to manage a
high-volume low-value but readily recyclable material in
a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manner.

The primary hauler for eight smaller communities sets up a regional
partnership with a MRF in the closest big city (no more than 100 miles
away) to set up a more cost-efficient single stream “hub and spoke”
recycling transfer system - and begins providing bi-weekly curbside
recycling with carts to all its customers, reducing wear and tear on roads

Plastic packaging producers partner across the state to add the full
range of mixed plastics to all recycling programs through a secondary
processor of plastics or plastic recovery facility (PRF) developed with
private sector funding and local job training and development programs
to successfully capture more plastics.

A large state manufacturer that produces difficult to recycle packaging
actively seeks out and supports end-use market development so that
their products contribute to stronger, more circular economy.

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